Moreno Valley Car Accident Lawyer

People who find themselves the victim of a car accident should know and understand their right to compensation if they are the subject of another person’s negligence. Through a personal injury claim, victims can get their medical expenses paid and lost wages reimbursed. A Moreno Valley car accident lawyer can be vital in seeking compensation for your losses related to an accident.

If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of others, you may have the right to compensation for your losses. With the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to hold others accountable for their wrongful actions in causing your injuries. Call today to get started. En Español.

What is the Role of Negligence in Auto Accident Claims?

Negligence is the legal theory that forms the basis for most personal injury claims, including those arising from car accidents. All drivers of motor vehicles must drive in a way that is reasonably safe for others. When drivers fail to meet that duty, such as by committing traffic violations and causing accidents resulting in injuries, they can be found negligent and at-fault.

As a result of another person’s negligence, which often consists of careless or reckless driving behaviors, individuals can suffer devastating injuries. When these injuries occur, victims may have recourse in the form of a personal injury action based on negligence. Enlisting the assistance of a car accident attorney in Moreno Valley can be critical to bringing and maintaining a successful personal injury claim.

Can Car Accident Victims Share Liability in Moreno Valley?

In many cases, especially on state highways, car accidents may involve multiple vehicles and injuries. Even if injured drivers or passengers are partially at fault for the accident, however, they still may be able to recover compensation from others in some situations. Consulting a car accident attorney in Moreno Valley may be the most effective way to determine the possibility of financial recovery in a specific case.

While many states limit recovery of damages to individuals who are less than 50 percent at fault for the accident that led to their injuries, California has adopted a pure comparative negligence standard. Therefore, even if injury victims are primarily at fault for their accidents, they still may be able to seek damages from other negligent parties.

However, the total amount of damages that individuals may receive is limited by their degree of fault for the accident. Therefore, if they have $100,000 worth of damages from an accident, but they are 75 percent at fault for the accident, then their maximum recovery is $25,000 from other negligent parties.

Time Limits and Car Accident Claims in Moreno Valley

All personal injury claims are subject to strict time limits. Individuals who do not bring their claims within the applicable timeframe may lose all ability to recover any compensation for their losses. Under state law, injury victims generally have two years from the date of the accident that caused their injuries to pursue their claims for damages.

Various exceptions to this general time limit or statute of limitations exist. For example, individuals seeking to hold negligent government workers or entities responsible for their injuries have a much shorter timeframe in which to initiate their claims. Contacting legal counsel for guidance is likely to be the most effective means of avoiding missed opportunities to hold negligent individuals and entities liable in the personal injury context.

Talk to a Moreno Valley Car Accident Attorney for Guidance

If you have fallen victim to a severe car accident, you likely will be unsure what to do first. The insurance company for the responsible parties often will contact you right away, even if you are struggling through catastrophic injuries. As a result, you may wish to contact a Moreno Valley car accident lawyer for advice immediately.

With legal counsel on your side to handle financial and legal matters, you can focus your strength and energy on your injuries. Instead of trying to navigate complicated insurance and legal systems on your own, allow a strong legal advocate to handle your personal injury claim.